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Simple ways to reduce your family carbon-footprint

family footprint

1. Plan your meals

Planning meals ahead of time not only helps you save money on groceries, but it will prevent leftovers from going bad. Plan for a week or for as far out as a month.

2. Shower less frequently

Don’t wrinkle your nose. Often, people shower (or bathe their kids) every day whether they need to or not. Before hopping in out of habit, think about whether it’s really necessary.

3. Wear clothes more than once

This goes along with the showering thing. Just like your jeans see days of wear before they hit the washer. (When they’re clean of course.) Wash clothes only when they’re dirty to lower water and electricity usage.

4. Hang your clothes to dry

Try to avoid drying clothes in the dryer, rather hang them in balcony or veranda, it helps reduce electricity consumption and save you money. And it also helps clothes last longer.

5. Bring home less waste

Avoid food and other products with lots of packaging. Buying in bulk helps a lot since you won’t have individually wrapped things coming into your home (It’s great for your budget, too!) If eating out, take along a reusable container for leftovers so you don’t have to bring home a wasteful container from the restaurant.

6. Grow your own veggies

Many veggies are shipped long distances, using lots of fuel just to get to your grocery store. Start a simple garden to reduce dependency on grocery-store produce.

7. Make a windowsill herb garden

Most of the herbs for sale in our area come packaged in plastic boxes. Grow some of your favorite herbs in a sunny windowsill so you can add flavor to your food without extra waste.

8. Give it away to Recycler/s

You know how when you’re done de-cluttering, you have a ton of stuff lying around your house that you need to get rid of? Rather than throwing it away (some people do that!), give it away to recycler/s to spare a landfill and make some money from your excess stuff.

9. Use your car less

Make an effort to stay at home more and drive less. Walk, bike or use public transit if possible to reduce your contribution to air pollution.

10. Invest in reusable bags

Or make them from scrap fabric. Countless plastic bags end up in landfills each year and don’t need to be there. Either buy or make bags in different sizes and take them with you to the grocery store or farmer’s market. Make small ones to use with bulk bins and produce. (Find shopping bags online here or produce bags online here.)

Do you know where does water come from..??

Top 5: Eco Bras. Smart & Strange.


Ladies have you ever heard of it before… checkout the Smart and Strange Eco-Bras, don’t forget to add them to your list…

Since they’re usually worn under clothes, bras may not serve as the best billboard for your eco-message. Nonetheless, the bra’s inspired many inspiring and wacky eco-ideas over the years.

.1. Chopsticks Bra. Dubbed My Chopsticks Bra, this concept bra from Japan encourages people to reuse their chopsticks by carrying reusable ones in a Japanese meal-themed bra. Each bra cup each depict a bowl — rice in the right, miso in the left — and collapsible chopsticks tuck into a small pocket on the side.


.2. BYOBag Bra. Conceived by the same company as the chopsticks bra, this recycled-polyester bra — calledNo! Shopping Bag Bra — unfolds into a handy shopping bag. You’ll have to do some tricky maneuvering to actually take advantage of the bra’s multifunctionality though.


.3. Solar-powered Bra. Wanna charge up while laying out at the beach? This iPod-charging, beer-cooling bra also comes with a bottom to complete the electrifying solar bikini set. Part of designer Andrew Schneider’s iDrink swimwear project, this bikini boasts (1″ x 4″) photovoltaic film strips sewn together in series with conductive thread” plus a USB connection.

solar powered bra

.4. Trashy Bra. The toughest-looking eco-bra of the bunch is the Pink Tab Bikini Top, made of upcycled soda tabs, gutter guard, dryer vents, and rivets by artist Ingrid Goldbloom Bloch. Wearable? Probably not, but pretty cool-looking!

trashy bra

.5. DIY plastic bag Bra. Ready to make your own smart and strange eco-bra? The BBC’s got detailed instructions on how to upcycle a supermarket plastic bag into a bra. Unfortunately, this bra’s more decorative than functional, though perhaps useful as part of a Halloween getup.

DIY plastic bag bra

Green up your sex life – Green Tips

Set the mood with candles.

Choose candles made from more eco-friendly materials, such as soy, beeswax or palm oil — the greenest options being the ones made locally (which eliminates the additional fuel used to ship the candles).


Have Sex, Save Energy.

Save money and make your home a little bit greener by adjusting your thermostat and heating things up the old-fashioned way: under the covers. Among its many health benefits, sex raises your body temperature. And to top it off, an average 160-pound person will burn about 55 calories with 30 minutes of vigorous sexual activity — keeping you warm and helping you save some green


Green Dating

There’s something in all shades of green, from vegans and vegetarians to organic farmers. Green dating services cater to singles with environmentally friendly values and people who care about sustainable living, healthy lifestyles and a healthy planet. When you meet someone who is like-mindedly green, you just might stoke a red-hot romance.


Sexy Scents

Scent can evoke memories, relieve tension, ease anxiety and make us feel attractive. Sandalwood, cedarwood, ylang-ylang, jasmine and patchouli are scents thought to boost the sex drive, and ginger, while best known for its anti-nausea attributes, may also help.


Slip into something Sustainable

When you slip into something more comfortable, make it something crafted from sustainable, environmentally friendly fabrics, such as organic cotton and silk, or sustainable materials like bamboo and hemp. When they aren’t organically produced, fabrics such as cotton contribute to the problem of climate change. Farmers who grow cotton using conventional methods rely heavily on toxic and synthetic pesticides and fertilizers that degrade the environment


Use Birth Control

Save the planet, don’t have children — or choose to have fewer children. The world’s population is growing at an alarming rate. Right now, the world is home to more than 7,116,750,000 people


Organic Lubes

Yikes! Not only are some ingredients in many popular lubes unsafe, but they’re also unregulated when it comes to your personal safety, leaving you at risk for bacterial and viral infections. Instead, look for personal lubricants made with organic or nontoxic alternatives, and types that are free of glycerin and paraben. Most organic and nontoxic lubes are not only people-friendly, but they are eco-, latex-, rubber- and plastic-friendly, too.


Green Sex Toys

Don’t be turned off by toxins. Instead, choose toys made from medical-grade silicone or natural materials such as glass and stainless steel. Trade batteries for the rechargeable type, or if you want to up the ante, try the new naphthalene-free, solar-powered vibrator on the market that, when fully charged, lasts about two hours.


Choose a Better Condom

Most condoms on the market are made of latex (rubber) or polyurethane (plastic), and they come in all sorts of colors, flavors and sizes. They’re one of the most popular forms of birth control around the world.

Choose a greener condom by looking for organic, fair trade and vegan types (which are made from natural latex and lack the milk proteins added during processing). Lambskin condoms (made from sheep intestines) are biodegradable, but they only offer protection against pregnancy, not against sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

Also, when the time comes to dispose of a condom, don’t flush it down the toilet. Flushed condoms can clog up your plumbing, cause problems in the waste system and possibly end up floating in our oceans. While latex is biodegradable, condoms have additives that make them stronger, and their strength makes them degrade more slowly in landfills. Regardless, the best way to dispose of a condom is to throw it out with your trash.

Titanium Ring : All-in-1 … a smart ring for every man.

While wearing jewelry is a great way of expressing your individuality, when it comes to things like rings, some men can get a little … uncomfortable. Today you’re wearing a ring, tomorrow it’s high heels, right? Well, perhaps those guys would feel better about donning the rough n’ ready Titanium Utility Ring.