Green Article: Things you should never Compost or Recycle

Though recycling and composting are two of the most important green practices, there are some items that are bad for the environment.


Bread Products, Milk Products, Meat Products, Sawdust, Cooked Rice, Used Personal Products, Garden Weeds, Diseased Plants, Cooking Oil, Walnuts and Printed Papers.

Bread Products Cakes, Pasta and most baked goods attracts unwanted pests
Milk Products Milk, Cheese, Yogurt and Cream attracts unwanted pests
Rice Cooked Rice It attracts varmints.  It is a fertile breeding ground to bacteria.
Used Personal Products Tampons, Diapers and Items wet with blood or any other fluid. too much of a health risk
Walnuts Walnuts It contains Juglone, a natural aromatic compound toxic to some plants.
Printed Papers includes Magazines, Catalogs, Printing Cards, Foils. includes printing chemicals
Meat Products Bones, Blood, Animal Fat and Fish acts as a pest magnet
Sawdust Wood Dust may be from untreated wood
Garden Weeds & Diseased Plants Kudzu, Ivy, Dandelions, Diseased Plants helps breed Fungus and Bacteria into compost
Cooking Oil Cooking Oil upsets compost moisture balance
Human or Animal Feces Pets (Dog & Cat) Poop, Human Feces too much of a health risk



Spray Cans, Battery, Ceramic & Pottery, Tires, Plastic Bags & Products, Medical Waste, Diapers, Hazardous Waste, Household Glass and Wet Papers.

Aerosol Cans / Spray Cans Metal Spray Cans contains propellants and chemicals, treated as hazardous waste.
Batteries Inverter / Car Battery handled seperately from both regular trash and curbside recycling
Ceramics & Pottery Coffee Mugs, Tea Cups Re-Use them in your gardens
Diapers / Napkins & Paper Towels Diapers, Paper Towels commercially not feasible to reclaim the paper and plastic from used diapers
Hazardous Waste Household Chemicals, Motor Oil, Other Coolants They are handled usually seperately.
Medical Waste Syringes, Tubings, Scalpels and other bio-hazards They are handled usually seperately.
Household Glass Window Panes, Light Bulbs, Mirrors, Tableware impractical to recycle.
Tetra Pack / Coated Cardboard Boxes Pizza Box, Juice Box only the marked tetrapacks need to recycle. Food boxes are too much grease.
Plastic Bags & Products Plastic Bags, Plastic Food Boxes, Plastic Screw top, Plastic without recycling mark. If possible, Clean and Re-use the plastic bags. Rest needs to be disposed off safely.
Tires Tires Should be disposed off safely, or re-use it appropriately.
Wet Papers Wet Papers recyclers take a pass on a paper exposed to water.

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